Theatre Tallahassee Guild

The Theatre Tallahassee Guild is a membership program with a variety of levels and benefits. Depending on your membership level you’ll receive discounts, complimentary tickets, reserved seating, and access to an exclusive reception.

Your Guild donation helps bridge the gap between ticket sales and operating costs. Theatre Tallahassee is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Ticket revenues cover only 58% of our operating expenses.The remaining amount is raised through grants, sponsorships, special events and donations from individuals like you. It’s because of our Guild members that the theatre is able to produce first-class theatre, educational opportunities and special events that inspire and enrich our community.

Guild Membership payments can be made monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or at one time — whichever is the most convenient for you!

Become a part of this family of supporters by joining the Theatre Tallahassee Guild. As our way of saying thanks for your support, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Where does your ticket money go?

2018-2019 Guild Donors


Bill & Dottie Lee
Ron Shaeffer
Richard Sherwin


Gary & Joanne Cook
Beverlee DeMello
DeLos F. DeTar
Bob & Brenda Gibbs
Barbara Judd
Tom & Lynda McCaleb
John & Susan Maher
Brence Sell
Tim & Lisa Shealy


Dr. Charles & Sharon Aronovitch
Curt & Beth Blair
Ronald & Genevieve Blazek
Steven Carter
Robert & Linda Clickner
Paul & Mary Ann Deitchman
Tom Denmark
Barbara Ann Frederich
Debbie Frost
Jeanette Harada
Myron & Judy Hayden
Howard Kessler
Stacey Lampkin
Renee Y. Sheldon
Carey Smith
Robert Weinstein
Ty Wold
Tim & Cori Zdrazil

Become a member!

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of being a Guild Member, while supporting your local theater?


Charles & Angelyn Bagwell
Myra Blanchard
Leonard Blaszczyk
Anthony & Lenoir Brewer
James Cooper
Eugenia Coyne
Dotty Diltz
Kathleen Figley
Margie Fletcher
Beverly Frick
Patricia Gosney
Motney Gray


Duncan Hoehn
Glenn Hosken
Dave & Sandi Jacobsen
Susan Johns
Dr. Alan Kagan
Diane Kelley
Robert Knight
Jeralyn Lucking
Wayne & Lynda Makin
Emoryette McDonald
Joe & Sharon McElrath
Trey & Tiffany McNabb


Doris Partridge
Henry Pollock
Gloria Priest
Dennis & Christine Reilly
Louise Rill
Rae Roeder
Martin & Patricia Schwartz
George Sweat
Mary Jane Vossler
Bill Woolley


John & Willa Almlof
Kevin & Sarah Doar
Samantha Fulton
Mark Griffard
Peggy Harris
John & Eleanor Hawkins


Helen Horton
David Jilk
Ernest Levins
Leila Miller
Cindy Phillips


Eli & Linda Schelin
Gerry Shubrick
Loyce Sulkes
Allison Underwood
David Wiggins


Dr. & Mrs. C.W Applegate
Jessica Applegate
Mark Applegate
Joy Bowen
Lenoir & Anthony Brewer
Tommy & Linda Brinkley
Mrs. Woodward Burgert, Jr
Dominic & Debbie Calabro
Russell Chaney
Mel & Lynn D. Chang
Marvin & Lee Cook
Patrick & Jane Dallet
Bev DeMello
Gene & Giny Densmore
DeLos DeTar
Janet Findling
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fixel
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gordon
Mal & Marlene Greenfield
Shannon Hartsfield
Dorothy Hendrickson
Renee Henry
Janet Hinkle

 Life Members

Leona Hunt
Mrs. W.J. Hutchinson
Mr. Richard Joel
Diane Kelley
Jennifer Kjellerup
Robert Kromhout
Gordon & JoAnn LaMaster
George R. Langford
M. Catherine Lannon & Stephanie Clapp
William & Dottie Lee
Annette Hannon Lee
Jennifer & Linda Lindsey
Joan & Ann Macmillan
Dr. Charlotte Maguire
Mrs. E.J Mathews
Dr. & Mrs. David J. McCulloch
Jim McMurtry
Dr. & Mrs. George N. Merritt
Mrs. E.P. Miles
Mildred S. Mirabelle
James & Oneida Monroe
Jim & Lorraine Moore


Mrs. Allen Morris
Paul & Nancy Munger
Kevin & Michelle Nickens
Cliff & Jane Nilson
Dr. John Obrzut &
Dr. Carmen Sualdea
Jim & Kathryn Olmstead
Mr. Richard J. O’Mara
Jim Polk
Dennis & Christine Reilly
Brence A. Sell, MD
Michael & Judy Sheridan
Richard R. Sherwin
Frank & Judy Shively
John & Lois Sojat
Ed Stafman & Beth Lee
Dr. Gary Stillwell
Bill & Elaine Swain
J. Jeffrey Sweeney
Catherine Tharpe
Dr. Edward E. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Weinstein
Mayo & Amber Woodward