Frequently Asked Questions

Individual ticket prices for the upcoming 2019-2020 Season are:

Mainstage Ticket Prices (musicals and plays):
  • $25 - Adults
  • $20 - Seniors (age 62+)
  • $20 - Military (current and former)
  • $15 - Students (yes, all students)
Studio Ticket Prices:
  • $15 - All audiences, general seating

So, you're trying to purchase your Mainstage tickets online and you've gotten as far as selecting your seats, but you can't figure out how to apply your senior/military or student discount? You're not alone.

Here's what to look for.

After you've selected your day and seats, and reassured our ticketing software that you aren't a robot, you'll end up on the summary screen, which looks like this:

And you're looking for the box that has the ticket price in it. Click on that, and it'll drop down a new menu that allows you to select your ticket price.*

Ta da! Click on the correct pricing, make sure that it adjusts the totals on the right, and you're good to go.

We know, it's a little confusing. Unfortunately it's up to the company that makes the ticket software to un-confuse it. In the meantime, if you're still having problems, call our Box Office at 850-224-8474, Monday-Friday from 12pm-4pm and we'll help you sort it out.

Please note: if you have the wrong ticket prices selected when you click the final purchase ticket button, we are not able to offer a refund.

*If no dropdown menu appears, staggered pricing levels are not available for that show. This is true for Studio Shows and most special events.

If you purchased a Diamond Plus or Diamond subscription, Mainstage voucher or Studio voucher package, but haven't received your tickets in the mail yet, it may be because you still have one more step to complete.

All of these subscriptions are voucher packages. Vouchers are not physical items that we can mail out. You must select your show dates and seats for your vouchers to be turned into physical tickets that can be mailed. The benefit of voucher packages is that you have the flexibility to choose your seats and performance dates on a show by show basis. These can be booked months ahead of time, or the day of the show. We do not usually mail tickets out once the season has started -- tickets can be held at will call or picked up in person.

Vouchers can be redeemed for physical tickets in one of three ways.

  • Online: When you purchased your subscription package, you should have received an email with information on how to log in and redeem your vouchers. If you did not, check your spam filter as it sometimes gets set to spam. You can log into your Showare account by clicking here. Then simply book your tickets as you would normally, but you'll use the "member allocation" option rather than selecting a price option.
  • Phone: Call the Box Office at 850-224-8474, Mon-Fri, 12pm-4pm, and our Box Office person can help you book your tickets. Please leave a message if you can't get through and we'll call you back.
  • In Person: Stop by the Box Office during operating hours, and we'll get your tickets booked.

If you booked your subscription package prior to July 9th and selected the "Mail Tickets" option, but have not yet booked your dates and seats, please call the Box Office for assistance.

We offer two kinds of tickets when purchasing a season subscription: reserved tickets, which are for a specific performance and (for the mainstage) specific seats; and vouchers.

Vouchers are tickets but without a date or seat selected yet. They can be redeemed online or you can call or drop by the Box Office to redeem them for specific performances.

Flex tickets are vouchers, and when purchasing a season subscription to the Mainstage or Studio (or both), you can also select the voucher option if you're not sure what days you want to reserve just yet.

So something has come up and you need to move your tickets or exchange them for a different show. The more notice you can give us, the better, obviously. But we will exchange your tickets up to 10 minutes before your scheduled show starts.

Tickets can be exchanged for a different performance date, for the same show. Or they can be exchanged for customer credit and used for any future show (this does not expire by season).

Tickets cannot be exchanged after your scheduled performance has begun.


We believe theatre should be accessible to everybody, so we do not have or enforce a dress code beyond the obvious: clothes and shoes must be worn.

That said, we generally recommend people wear business casual or date night attire to shows. It's a nice way of showing respect to the performers for their work, and it's what most of our audience members wear.

Also, please be aware that we keep our performance spaces relatively cool throughout the year for our performers' comfort and safety (it can get extremely hot up there under the stage lights). You may want to bring a jacket or sweater.

That depends on the show. We aren't a children's theater, and most of our shows are geared toward adult audiences, although we regularly have family friendly shows as well. Your child's comfort level is something only you can judge. We try to be transparent about show content — adult language, situations, loud noises, etc. — but if you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Box Office and ask.

Our ticketing policy does not allow for children in laps. All children must be able to sit unassisted in their own seats.

For patrons who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or canes: 
Our Mainstage theatre has some limited seating for patrons in wheelchairs, scooters, or with walkers. These seats do book quickly, so please make your reservations in advance. Our ushers or house manager can assist you with where to put your assistive device. Row D is the only row that does not require stairs, although we do have railings on both sides of the theatre to assist patrons with reaching their seats in the higher or lower sections.

Studio shows do not have risers or stairs, and seating is general. Please arrive a little early so that our ushers can assist you with finding the best seating location.

For patrons who are hearing impaired:
We offer assistive listening devices available on request in the lobby (ask the house manager or an usher). Devices are limited, so please arrive early to request one.

Our mainstage auditorium is Tele-coil equipped above row C. If you are sitting in rows D through M, turn your hearing aid to the T-coil setting. Depending on the show, it may not be perfectly balanced as the Tele-coil uses our on-stage overhead microphones.

For patrons who are visually impaired:
We do not offer Braille scripts or programs at this time. Large print versions of our program are available with early notice and by request. Please call the Box Office at 850-224-8474 to make arrangements. 

Gift certificates must be redeemed in person at the Box Office, and surrendered at that time. The Box Office is open Mondays-Fridays from 12pm-4pm and one hour before all shows.

Our theatre seasons run from August to June, much like a school year. We generally announce the shows for the upcoming season in early spring, and season subscriptions go on sale around April (this usually coincides with our spring musical). General admission tickets for all shows go on sale around the end of July (about a month before our first show of the season).

The theatre season includes five (5) Mainstage productions (usually three plays and two musicals), and two to three (2-3) Studio plays. We also usually have a holiday special event production that is not part of the main season, but which can be added onto a subscription.

Season subscribers are people who purchase tickets for every show in the season, or every show in a particular venue, or Flex vouchers which can be redeemed for any of these shows. This saves money, versus purchasing general admission tickets separately for every performance. If you see more than three shows a year at our theatre, you should consider purchasing a subscription. Season subscription tickets are ONLY good for that particular season, so make sure you use them before the final June production as they cannot be carried over to the next season.


Just off Thomasville Road, between the Great Bicycle Shop and the Betton Rd intersection, just a little ways down from Whole Foods. Visit our Plan Your Visit page for more information.

If you have one, feel free to bring it along, but we do not require them for auditions. Many of our directors prefer to take quick digital snapshots of actors at auditions, to help them remember who you are and your sign-in number.

For the most part, no. Our performers, crew members, and most of our designers are volunteer members of our community. Many of them come from strong theatrical backgrounds, and generously donate their skills, talent, and time to our theatre. Our directors, musical directors, choreographers, orchestra members, and (under special circumstances) some designers do receive a small stipend.

Tallahassee has an abundance of high quality talent. Many of our performers have chosen steady day jobs in fields ranging from teaching to government work to retail to tech. They come here to exercise their artistic sides.

We strongly discourage precasting amongst our directors. Our auditions are open to anyone who wants to come out and try. Every year we have a number of performers who are setting foot on our stage for the very first time — and sometimes setting foot on any stage for the very first time. Please check the auditions page for information about upcoming auditions. We provide audition packets to help you prepare.

We're so glad you asked!

There's a lot of ways to get involved. We are always looking for volunteers to work in the house before shows, people to assist backstage, help with building sets and costumes or hang lights, to perform in our orchestras, and more. One way to get on our list is by visiting our Get Involved page and filling out one or more of the forms there to let us know what you're most interested in doing.

Are you a student looking for community service hours? Email our artistic director, Brian@TheatreTallahassee.org

We are also looking for Board Members. Are you interested in helping with fundraising and guiding the financial future of our theatre? Email our executive director, Theresa@TheatreTallahassee.org


Our storage space is limited, but we do accept donations depending on the item being donated.

We're usually able to take clothing items that have historical value - vintage dresses, men's clothing, military uniforms, evening gowns, hats, gloves, handbags, etc. We often need wigs, men's tuxes, as well as gowns and dresses in plus sizes. We only rarely need wedding dresses and children's clothing. If it's something we could easily pick up at Goodwill, or modern clothing (anything 1980's or more recent), we'd prefer it be donated to a charity or organization that would be able to use it.

Again, we can usually take items that have historical significance. Vintage household items like phones, small appliances, living room and kitchen decor, and some office items are things we tend to use often. Some decorative items are useful as well. We are not currently in need of typewriters, cash registers, or computers.

Furniture is something that we can only accept on a case-by-case basis. Our furniture storage is very limited, but if you have a unique or vintage item that might be used in multiple shows, we'd love to at least have a look at it. We can potentially help arrange transportation if it's something we can accept.

We're often in need of things like plywood and construction lumber, antique doorknobs and handles, chandeliers and wall lights. We can also use things like carpet roll tubes, pool noodles, PVC pipe, old doors, etc. If you have leftover construction supplies or antique items removed after renovations to donate, let us know and we'll see if we can take them.

For all item, prop, or furniture donations, please send an email to Brian@TheatreTallahassee.org and if you can, include photos of the items.

For all clothing donations, please email Theresa@TheatreTallahassee.org with a specific list of what you'd like to donate. Again, photos are helpful.

Please send an email to our Executive Director, Theresa@TheatreTallahassee.org. Make sure to include your name, charity organization, event and event date, and what kind of tickets you're requesting.

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