Theatre Tallahassee auditions are open to anyone in the community with an interest in performing, whether you're a seasoned performer or a brave soul venturing on stage for the first time. We're always thrilled to welcome new faces and talents to our stage!

Auditions are usually held 5-6 weeks before a show opens, on Sunday and Monday nights at 7pm. Locations may vary depending on what's going on at the theater at the time, so make sure you check the audition listing!

Once we've chosen directors and set audition dates, we ask directors to help us put together information packets for their auditions. These are for YOU, the performer, so that you can prepare as best as you are able before auditions. We strongly recommend downloading or printing these packets and reading them prior to auditions. They include an audition form you can fill out at home, plus information on the show, characters, rehearsal and performance schedule. As often as possible we also try to include the sides you'll be reading from at auditions.

Directors do vary on what they ask for at auditions. Some prefer complete cold-reads (where you've never seen a script before) and others like you to come more prepared. If you are planning to audition for a musical, you will usually need to bring sheet music, and you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for dancing in.

Upcoming auditions are listed below.

Get Involved

Do you have other skills you'd like to put to use? Acting isn't the only way to get involved at Theatre Tallahassee. We're always on the lookout for backstage crew, new designers, orchestra members, costumers, sound technicians, and people willing to help out in the house. Experience is always a plus, but not always a requirement.

Check out our Get Involved page and add your information to our growing list of local talent!

Upcoming Audition Dates:

(subject to change)

Tick, Tick ... Boom!
Sun, Feb 26 & Mon, Feb 27

The Play That Goes Wrong
Sun, Apr 23 & Mon, Apr 24

Peter and the Starcatcher (2017)

Upcoming Auditions:

tick, tick ... BOOM!

Written by Jonathan Larson

Audition Dates:

  • Sun, Feb 26 at 7pm
  • Mon, Feb 27 at 7pm

Performance Dates: Apr 21-May 7, 2023

Directed by Naomi Rose-Mock
Musical Direction by Robert Nelson

Casting: 2M/1W. All roles open to any race/ethnicity. Please see the audition packet for vocal ranges and character descriptions.

Download an Audition form to fill out ahead of time:

Please bring your completed form with you. Headshots are not required.