Workshops and Classes for Youth Actors

This winter, join us for some special workshops and classes to help you learn new skills or hone the ones you already have.

Classes are $20 per person and are geared to ages 8 – 13. 

Nov 14 – Improvisation: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of improvisation through games and team building activities which foster skills in character development, spontaneity, and giving and taking focus.

Nov 21 – Warm Up, Rules of Theatre and Terminology: Young actors will learn to warm up their bodies, share the stage with fellow actors and learn the “rules of the road with an introduction to theater terminology.

Dec 5 – Movement & Pantomime: Students will be taught the concept of physically creating objects and suggesting environments and scenes though pantomimic technique.

Dec 12 – What to expect when you Audition: This class serves to introduce students to the audition process. Participates will be asked to “cold read” to prepare them for their first audition.

Dec 19 – Character Development: Students will explore the intricacies that make a character different from themselves. This class will illuminate how body language, speech, emotions, and backstory all work together to create a specific character through fun activities, challenges, and scenes.

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