The Senior Comedy Zone

The Senior Comedy Zone

Presented by Acting UP!

Feb 8-10, 2019

Acting Up! is Theatre Tallahassee's senior acting troupe, featuring performers age 50 and up. The Acting Up! Players will present "The Senior Comedy Zone," a collection of scenes, stories and vignettes looking at the lighter side of the senior years and senior moments.


Dates & Times

Friday, Feb 8 • 2pm

Saturday, Feb 9 • 7pm

Sunday, Feb 10 • 2pm


Ed Apodaca
Carina Beaudoin-Tate
Shirley Beaupied
Judy Conlin
Gary Cook
Paula Edmunds
Tom Falls


Samantha “Sam” Fulton
Gayle Heinis
Susan Lunin
Ann Nicholson
Jim O’Rourke
Thomas Walker
Gloria Wilburth
Bill Woolley