May the Farce Be With You

May the Farce Be With You

Presented by Acting UP!

Feb 13-16, 2020

Acting Up! is Theatre Tallahassee's senior acting troupe, featuring performers age 50 and up. The Acting Up! Players will present "May the Farce Be With You," a collection of scenes, stories and vignettes looking at the lighter side of the senior years and senior moments.


Dates & Times

Thursday, Feb 13 • 2pm

Friday, Feb 14 • 2pm

Saturday, Feb 15 • 7pm

Sunday, Feb 16 • 2pm


Ed Apodaca
Carina Beaudoin-Tate
Shirley Beaupied
Mary Brown
Judy Conlin
Paula Edmunds
Ellen Eller
Tom Falls
Samantha “Sam” Fulton
Martha Garcia


Holly Hathaway
Gayle Heinis
Susan Lupin
Don Nations
Jim O’Rourke
Marcy Palmer
Thomas Walker
Gloria Wilburth
Bill Woolley