Scared Scriptless!

What happens when a bunch of actors take the stage and are forced to do improv?  

Who knows!

Featuring Derek Nieves, Nathan Williamson, Phillip Benson and Melbin Borrero as your actors and Krystof Kage as your host — brace yourself for a no-holds-barred night of comedy, entertainment and questionable props.

Tickets are only $5. Only 50 seats available for each performance, so we recommend getting your tickets in advance. Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.

Cash bar available!

Two Performances!

7 pm Show: PG-13. We'll do our best to keep it mostly family friendly.

10 pm Show: Adults Only. Expect raunchy jokes and adult language. 

M. Derek Nieves

Derek is Theatre Tallahassee's resident funnyman. Literally. He sleeps in the scene shop. When he's not covered in sawdust, he can usually be found acting or directing. He was the man behind the helm of last season's Peter and the Starcatcher, and 2016's Boeing Boeing. He served up a ton of laughs in One Man, Two Guvnors as the bumbling but brilliant Francis Henshall, and rocked the house as Lonny in Rock of Ages last season. When we set him loose on a stage and ask him to improv, Tallahassee might never be the same again. 

Derek Nieves
Melbin Borrero III

Melbin Borrero III

Melbin was created from equal parts fidget spinners and springs, then fueled by pixie sticks candy and caffeine. His parents put him to sleep when he was a baby by making him listen to auctioneers. By day he entertains customers as Melbin the Server. But in the evenings he transforms into all sorts of interesting characters, like Tinkerbell and Hawking Clam in Peter and the StarcatcherRobert in Boeing Boeing, or the still spry old server Alf in One Man, Two Guvnors. If you see a blur go past you in the theatre parking lot, that's Melbin doing his warm ups for this improv event. He'll be at it until opening. 

Nate Williamson

Like Superman or Spiderman, Nate Williamson has a secret identity. Most of the time he's a mild-mannered middle school teacher. But shine a spotlight on him and he transforms into some of the broadest, funniest characters you'll ever meet. (Maybe he's more like a Gremlin...) Recently he swashed his buckle across the stage as the Black Stache in Peter and the Starcatcher, and brought good luck to Quincy Music Theatre's production of Mary Poppins as Burt the chimney sweep. But whatever you do, don't feed him after midnight, and don't get him wet. You have been warned. 

Nathan Williamson
Phillip Benson

Phillip A. Benson

Phillip hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and has been improving for more than 10 years. Growing up with a healthy serving of Dad Jokes and Puns, Phillip knew he was destined for comedy. Phillip says he's glad to be sharing the stage with some funny dudes and hopes there is minimal laughter during the show. Seriously, it's distracting.

Krystof Kage

Krystof Kage is well known in the local theatre scene as the director behind some of our biggest shows like Monty Python's Spamalot, The Addams Family Musical, and Rock of Ages. When he's not directing people on how to talk with funny accents, wear spandex, and funny wigs he likes to don them himself in shows like A Tuna Christmas, The Odd Couple, and Peter and the StarcatcherKrystof has graciously agreed to leave his purple spandex pants at home and take charge of this motley crue of improv actors. We're not entirely sure what he's done with the wigs, though. 

Krystof Kage