Steel Magnolias


Written by Robert Harling

Mainstage: January 11-28, 2018

In a small town in Louisiana, six women gather at the local beauty salon to share the ups and downs of their lives. Outspoken, wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoo and advice, with the help of her shy new assistant, Annelle. Local curmudgeon, Ouiser, and eccentric millionaire, Clairee, snipe at each other, while local social leader, M’lynn plans her daughter Shelby’s wedding. When tragedy strikes, however, the women pull together in this play about life, laughter, love, loss, and the inner strength that helps us go on.

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Dates & Times

Thursday, January 11 • 8pm
Friday, January 12 • 8pm
Saturday, January 13 • 8pm
Sunday, January 14 • 2 pm

Friday, January 19 • 8pm
Saturday, January 20 • 8pm
Sunday, January 21 • 2pm

Friday, January 26 • 8pm
Saturday, January 27 • 2pm - extra performance added!
Saturday, January 27 • 8pm
Sunday, January 28 • 2pm

Meet the Stars

Cast and Crew

Production Staff

Director: Melissa Findley
Stage Manager: Jessy Reaves
Set Design: Melissa Findley
Sound Design: Heather Marks
Lighting Design: Casey Duke
Costumes: Brennan Jammer
Props: Hannah Talbot


Truvy - Michelle Nickens
Annelle - Theresa Davis
Clairee - Dorothea Syleos
Shelby - Megan Preston
M'Lynn - Rachael Kage
Ouiser - Debbie Frost