Private Lives

Private Lives Poster

Private Lives

Written by NOEL COWARD 


Mainstage: Jan 26 - Feb 12, 2017

In this comedy of passions, Amanda and her new husband, Victor, find themselves honeymooning in the same hotel as Amanda’s ex-husband, Elyot, and his new wife, Sibyl. Not just the same hotel, but in suites with adjoining balconies! When Amanda and Elyot are together again, sparks fly, and they realize they’re still passionately in love. An impulsive elopement is doomed by their fiery tempers, however, and they begin bickering almost immediately. When their jilted spouses arrive, the battle is waged on ever-shifting fronts, leaving them both to wonder if being apart is just as impossible as being together.


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Production Staff

Director: Brian Davis
Stage Manager: Hannah Talbot
Set Design: Brian Davis
Costumes: Theresa Davis


Elyot: Bob Myers
Victor: Scott Mock
Amanda: Samm Charboneau
Sybil: Southie Williamson
Louise: Constance Clineman