One Man, Two Guvnors

One Man, Two Guvnors

One Man, Two Guvnors

Written by Richard Bean

Mainstage: Feb 11-28, 2016

Francis Henshall finds himself in over his head when he’s separately hired to work for two men: local gangster, Roscoe Crabbe, and upper-class criminal, Stanley Stubbers. He struggles to keep the two men from meeting, lest they discover he’s working for them both. But wait! Roscoe is really Rachel — Stanley’s lover — in disguise as her own dead brother. And if you think that’s confusing you won’t believe what happens next in this over-the-top, improvisational farce where no two performances are ever the same.

Content Warning: Adult language

Sponsored by

Hopping Green & Sams, Attorneys and Counselors

Production Staff

Director: Brian Davis

Stage Manager: Lacey Ritter

Costumes: Theresa Davis

Set Design: Dale Holcomb

Sound Design: Heather Marks

Lighting Design: Casey Duke




Francis Henshall - M. Derek Nieves
Stanley Stubbers - Cam Leslie 
Rachel Crabbe - Rachel Hunter
Alfie - Melbin Borrero III
Harry Dangle - John Lipian
Lloyd Boateng - Stephen Donaldson
Pauline Clench - Lauren Bacon
Charlie Clench - Scott Mock
Alan Dangle - Jonathan Clow
Dolly - Hannah Talbot
Gareth - Bo Smith
Cop/Taxi Driver/Bartender etc.... - Andrew Barclay

And...Our One Man Band - Dylan Ragpicker Allen