Building Renovations

In 2012 Theatre Tallahassee received a generous gift, allowing the theatre to make some much needed repairs and updates to our building, as well as to start planning for the future. A multi-stage process of renovations was begun in the summer of 2013, starting with a new roof over the Mainstage, new AC units, new carpeting and paint throughout the Mainstage auditorium, and all new seating. A new sound system was installed and some updates were made to the Mainstage lighting system.

Future renovation plans are dependent on fundraising, and we hope you will join our ever growing list of donors who are helping to make these plans a reality.

Still to come!

Magnolia Room to become Magnolia Lobby 
      Creation of new Box Office
      Addition of Wine/Beer/Soda Bar
      Renovation of Kitchen for catering
      Replacement of flooring and lighting

Improvements to parking
     Better defined, leveled spaces
     Addition of landscape gravel to all useable spaces
     Improved lighting, drainage and landscaping

Other Facility Updates
     Upgrade of all bathrooms and plumbing building wide


Completed Renovations

Mainstage Updated
     New carpet, paint, seating, lighting, and more.

Coffeehouse Theatre Renovations
     New walls, raised ceiling, new lighting, paint, seating, carpeting, flooring. New canteen/bar.

Administrative Offices
     New Administrative Offices were added to the rear of the building.

Dressing Room expansions
     Both dressing rooms were renovated and expanded, to add extra capacity for larger casts.
     New carpeting, countertops, lighting, paint and bathroom remodeling completed. 

Parking Lot and front of building
     Some work has been done to our parking lot, flattening some spaces, and adding more handicap parking.
     New front deck for patrons to enjoy pre and post show, and during intermission. 

Magnolia Room Renovation Plans

How to Help

We are asking every one of our patrons, friends, and community supporters to donate to our Capital Campaign. We have a sizable goal of raising $1.5 million dollars and we need the help of every person who has ever enjoyed a show, been on stage, or volunteered behind the scenes to accomplish our mission of saving our building.  We began this project with funds from a generous gift, and have been applying for grants as well as working with the city and county to find any funding opportunities; however the majority of funding will need to come from our patrons, supporters, businesses and community.


Donate Today

Give a one time donation, or set up recurring donations. You can also donate by calling the theatre at 850-224-8474


Theatre Tallahassee would like to thank all of our generous patrons who have supported our One More Act Capital Campaign. Your donation brings us one step closer to our campaign goal.

Lead Donors ($2500+)

Curt & Beth Blair
Gary Cook
Bev DeMello
Kevin & Sarah Doar
Barbara Judd
Bill & Dottie Lee
Diane Kelley
Thomas & Lynda McCaleb
Nancy Miller
Nathanial Myers
Kevin & Michelle Nickens
Richard Sherwin
John & Lois Sojat
Ty Wold

$1000+ Club

Anthony & Lenoir Brewer
Debbie Frost
Bob & Brenda Gibbs
Jim & Anne Kirschke
George Langford
Jeffrey Mandel
James & Oneida Monroe
Scott Mock
Holly Parker
Audra Peoples
Richard & Susan Stephens
Gary & Barbara Stilwell
Carina Beaudoin-Tate
Marjorie Turnbull
Gloria Wilburth

$350 Buy-A-Seat Donors

Acting Up Players
Lenoir Brewer
Allana Brice
Brian & Theresa Davis
Kevin & Sarah Doar
Shiela Ersling
Roberta Freese
Barbara Judd
Diane Kelley
Paula Kiger
Keith & Marian Kuper
Stephen McNamara
Robert & Kate Pulver
Carey Smith
Karen Stanford & Dana Farmer
Barbara Stillwell
Randy Touchton
Mildred Trezza
Theatre Tallahassee Board of Trustees
Wells Brothers Employees

Friends of the One More Act Campaign


Grace Albritton
Don Alford
Ed Apodaca
Charles & Angelyn Bagwell
Maxine Barnes
Brenda Battiste
Myra Blanchard
Leonard & Penny Blaszczyk
Ronald Blazek
Matthew Bryant
Matt & Jenny Bucior
Carmella Bughee
Frances Campbell
John Campana
Sandra Chance
Mae Cleveland
Robert & Linda Clickner
Betty Collier
Marvin Cook
Mary Cordero
Carol Daws
Paul Deitchman
Carol Denning
John Dozier & Martha Paradeis
Susan Drake
Mary Eckhart
Dr. Lee Elgin, Jr
Mary Elliott
Shirley Ellis
Grady Enlow & June Dollar
Peter & Rachel Durland
Janet Findling
John Findling
Catherine Fontaine
Samantha Fulton
Ana Garcia-Quevedo
Howard Gilberg
Steve & Blanche Gordon
Jo & Shimou Gottschalk

Linda Grant
Daniel Gray
Paula Gray
Mal Greenfield
Marlene Greenfield
John Hanlon
Donie Henderson
Dorothy Hendrickson
Lee Hinkle
Glenn Hosken
Jane Hughes
Mark & Susan Isaac
Alan Israels
Barbara Jackson
Pat Jahoda
Jerry & Susan Johns
Billie Jones
Deberah Keith
James Klein
Margaret Knight
Davia & Ira Kramer
Joel Kramer
Ellen Lauricella
M. Catherine Lannon & Stephanie A. Clapp
Mary Ann Lindley
Jeralyn Lucking
Joan Macmillan
Charlotte Maguire
James & Eileen McMichael
Melinda Melendez
Margie Mixson
William Moncrief
Robert Nabors
Carmen Nelson
Tim & Barbie Nettles
Ruth Nickens
Dr. James O'Brien
Jane Ohlin
Eric Olsen

Doris Partridge
Ann Phillippy
Judith Powell
Richard Puckett
David Quadagno
Peggy Ramsey
Jane Rice
Louise Rill
Stephen Rollin
Richard Rubino
Carol Sanflippo
Eli & Linda Schelin
Mark Scolnick
Dametria Selmore
Betty Serow
Geraldine Shubrick
Nina Sims
David & Kathleen Smith
Paul & Kris Smithem
Michele Sonnenfeld
Jean Souter
Robert & Martha Spivey
Sara Staskiews
Michael & Leigh Stehlik
Mary Stevenson
Martha Stewart
JL Stoner
Caroline Sturtz
George & Jackie Sweat
Edward Thomas
Holly Thompson
Ralph Turner
Virginia Vail
Steven & Mary Van Sciver
Robert Weinstein
Adelaide Whitaker
Bill & Kay Woolley
Lenore Zuspan