And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None



Mainstage: Oct 27 - Nov 13, 2016

In Christie’s most famous murder mystery, ten strangers are lured to an island off the coast of Devon by an unknown host. A mysterious voice accuses them each of murder. They soon discover that they are trapped on the island, with no hope of escape. The only clue to their fate is a nursery rhyme hung above the fireplace, and ten little soldier figurines on the mantle.  One by one the statuettes vanish, and one by one the guests succumb to a merciless killer. As suspicion falls on them each by turn, the only way to be proven innocent, is to die.


Sponsored by

Parker Hudson Rainer and Dobbs


Director: Melissa Findley
Stage Manager: Jessy Reaves
Lighting Design: Patrick Campbell
Sound Design: Heather Marks
Set Design: Melissa Findley
Costumes: Samantha Rose Algaze and JC Carr
Props: Hannah Talbot


Fred Narracott - Nicholas Palazzo
Anthony Marston - Jem Herron
Vera Claythorne - Taylor Filaroski
Phillip Lombard - Theo Blumstein
Dr. Armstrong - Michelle Nickens
William Blore - Bob Myers
Ethel Rogers - Renee Jackson
Thomas Rogers - Bob Burkhardt
Emily Brent - Brenda Gibbs
Sir Lawrence Wargrave - Duncan Hoehn
General MacKenzie - Alan Robert Kagan