Sound Design Classes for Theatre as

Read With Your Ears

Learn the Art of Theatre Sound Design

Saturdays, March 9-April 13, from 12:30-2pm

Class fee: $120 (All materials provided)

Seating is limited, registration is required. 

Award-winning designer Glenn Swan will conduct an interactive seminar on Theater Sound Design, teaching the art of “listening to a script” — to make choices that not only enhance production value, but elevate sound to a level of importance equal to all other design elements.

GSListenThis course focuses on the creativity and language of design, and can be applied to virtually any type of equipment or circumstance the student may encounter. It consists of six, 90-minute segments which include: lecture, exercises, script study, take-home assignments & group review.

You will learn to make informed and artistic choices in audio to support any script, broaden your musical palette and discuss resources for building your own library.

Call 850-224-4597 for registration info.

For more information, please visit Burlap Productions on Facebook.

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